Virtual Home Staging Danger Before After

Will Virtual Staging Result in Lawsuits or MLS Fines?

Photos that create a false reality are misleading and will result at a minimum in MLS fines and removal of all of your photos …

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Home Staging Las Vegas

What Every Realtor Should Know About Home Staging

Perception is reality and one of the biggest values with home staging is that buyers perceive the value of the property as higher.  By showcasing the

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Home Staging Design Color Tips

Home Sellers may think it is quick, easy and cost effective to paint everything white when a home is up for sale but the right colors can actually be a smart, inexpensive staging tool.   A well-chosen color scheme in….

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Listing Photos Worth “Thousands of Dollars”

Listing photos are worth more than just a “thousand words”. It could literally mean THOUSAND OF DOLLARS to your bottom line. With over 90% of buyers starting their search for the perfect home online, it has have never been more ….

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8 Home Staging Mistakes

Many mistakes are made by inexperience and lack of vision in preparing a home for market. There are several common home staging mistakes that can be avoided and help your house sell faster and for more …..

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Luxury Home Staging

Luxury Results in Las Vegas Home Staging

Luxury staged homes should take your breath away. Many people do not know how to style their own homes and may not wish to work with a decorator, so when the house is fully designed and they can…

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Neutralize Me!

When preparing to sell your home it pays to neutralize the wall colors so it will appeal to the widest audience of buyers as possible. You may be in love with royal blue walls,…

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Staging & Interior Design – Are They Different?

Home staging and interior design share several common elements. Both involve decorating a property with furniture, art, and décor to enhance the look of the spaces. Although they share these similarities, their purpose could not …

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Elevate Your Curb Appeal

The first thing to consider when selling your home is making the best first impression possible. That starts with your curb appeal. The goal is to make potential home buyers want to enter your home and ….

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How to Prepare Your House for SOLD!

Small upgrades and decorative enhancements may seem like a waste of time when you want to sell your house quickly, but one of the biggest mistakes is not making the necessary advance preparation. Consider the following profitable ….

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