Listing Photos Worth “Thousands of Dollars”

Listing photos are worth more than just a “thousand words”. It could literally mean THOUSAND OF DOLLARS to your bottom line. With over 90% of buyers starting their search for the perfect home online, it has have never been more important to have the best listing photos possible.

There are many reasons why a home buyer would pass over a listing. A home that is not staged or improperly staged is not going to make a great first impression or a client’s “favorites list”. Poorly composed photographs, too few photographs, or photos taken with a cell phone by the agent can instantly turn away potential buyers. If a potential buyer is not impressed with what they see online, they will not make the extra effort to visit the home in person. A poorly presented property may also attract investors looking for a deal and cause them to assume the property is in distress and make blind, low ball offers.

Staged to Sell is an award winning Las Vegas home staging company.  We want our clients to have every advantage in getting their homes sold faster and for even more profit. Rather than just placing a few furniture pieces in the main living areas, we literally stage every inch of a property to rival any model home. 

All of our home staging projects are professionally photographed to highlight the home and it’s best features.  Click here to see before and after pictures of some of our Las Vegas home staging projects showing the impact we have made for our clients. To avoid your property being overlooked, add us to your Real Estate Team and let us show you how Everything we touch, turns to SOLD! 

For additional information about the home staging services we offer view our Digital Brochure with our packages and pricing.  Allow us to be your preferred Las Vegas Home Staging company.