At Staged To Sell, we provide you with home staging packages to make your property look like a model home. This will sell your property faster and for even more profit.

Our Success Stories

We believe that making a great first impression with potential home buyers is critical to selling your home. Staging can essentially erase the negatives in a home, detracting from any imperfections and highlighting only the best features in a home. It will emphasize the space, functionality and features of a house so that prospective buyers can envision themselves living in and enjoying it. Staging adds to your home’s value by making it feel larger, brighter, cleaner, more cared for, etc.

Builders invest huge marketing dollars into designing and staging their model homes because they know the impact it makes with everyone that tours their properties. We offer designs that appeal to the widest audience of buyers based on the needs of each property. Our design team pulls together furniture, accessories, rugs, art and lighting to transform vacant houses into homes that prospective buyers can make an emotional connection with and want to choose as their own.

Does it Work?

RESA studied 174 homes previously on the market on average 156 days before the homeowners gave up trying to sell on their own and called in a professional home stager. Those same homes were staged, re-listed and sold in an average of 42 days after staging. This is 73% less time on the market. At Staged To Sell we have had even stronger results. Review some of our recent projects and the successful results we have delivered to our clients.

Full List Priced Offer in TWO Days!

The average DOM for homes from $450k – $500k is 55 days. Stage and market your home with Staged To Sell and reduce that to TWO DAYS before a full list offer! Home Owner & Agent listed for $20k more after seeing the results we delivered with our Renovation Consultation and staging and were thrilled with their success!

Sold in TWO HOURS before it even hit the MLS!

The average DOM for homes valued at $950k is 78 days. In this Summerlin community with the builder still building as their competition this Agent had an offer within 2 hours of our crew leaving, even before it hit the MLS. We were hired as the second stager to correct the project gone wrong and had them looking luxury in days. Let us show you why we should be the FIRST stager you hire!

Success for Toll Brother Quick Delivery Homes

Another successful outcome for Toll Brothers and their quick delivery homes.  Our local inventory is low but Toll Brothers have beautiful homes ready for move in now. This new home was under contract very quickly after we installed a beautiful staging package.

William Lyon Vacant for months SOLD in days!

This new home in the William Lyon Affinity community sat available and vacant for many months.  We installed a staging package and it was in contract with a CASH buyer in less than a week. It is a pleasure to provide staging to our builder clients and help them move their inventory homes so quickly.

Toll Brothers from unloved to SOLD in 10 days!

This brand new Toll Brother’s quick delivery home was listed for over 14 months vacant prior to our staging.  Within 10 days of our staging and design installation the home was under contract and closed at full price for over $186,000 more than it was originally listed for.

Toll Brothers – Listed for year+, SOLD in 16 days!

This new construction quick delivery Toll Brothers home was listed for well over a year.  We addressed some minor issues with the home and our staging allowed the Buyer to see the home and it’s potential.  Within 16 days of being staged and photographed a Buyer fell in love and it was under contract.

Turnberry Towers SOLD in less than a week!

This high rise condo was listed with a previous agent for 7 months and a second agent for 2 months with no offers.  Within 1 week of the home being staged & photographed, the Seller received a Cash offer and was successfully in escrow.

Three Previous Agents – Offers within days!

This home was listed with 3 previous agents for almost 4 years before the 4th agent brought us in to fully stage the home inside and out.  Within days the seller received multiple offers and was in escrow.

Sold in Less Than Two Hours!

This beautiful home sat on the market for 5 months with only a few very low offers.  We  made recommendations to the Listing Agent and Seller about how the property issues could be corrected with a Renovation Consultation.  The property was then taken off the market, changes were made and the home was staged. The Listing Agent and Seller chose to relist the home for $20,000 more and within TWO hours the first person that visited the home, fell in love, made a CASH offer & closed within 3 weeks.  Amazing results showing the impact we make with our Renovation Consultations and Home Staging designs.

Only 13 Days on the Market

This property expired with an agent that was unsuccessful with their marketing.  The new listing agent brought us in for a Renovation and Staging Consultation.  We shared our recommendations and the Home Owner chose to have each of those improvements and corrections made.  We then staged the home and had professional photography done.  The process was very efficient and the home was put back on the market in less than 2 weeks.   In only 13 days it was successfully in escrow and closed very quickly.  Our client thanked us by stating “Thank you for all of your hard work.  It helped selling the house quickly!”

Blind offer in less than one hour on the MLS

This home was barely entered into the MLS when the Listing Agent received a full price offer.   A Renovation Consultation and Full Staging Package was utilized in this home previously used as a rental property.    An amazing transformation resulted and produced great profits for the home seller and an equally happy buyer who was able to enjoy a “toothbrush” move in ready home.

First person bought it!

A Renovation Consultation and Home Staging package provided great success for this Seller.  Changes and upgrades were made and the home was listed aggressively.  It was sold in days after the first person who toured it, fell in love and wrote a full price offer.  This property is a perfect example of an occupied home with a seller that allowed us to pack and remove all of their personal belongings, store them off site and give the home a Full Package as if it was a Vacant Staged home.   The only item that was utilized in the staging package was their personal mattress. which allowed us to turn this home into a model home.