Home Staging Luxury Results in Las Vegas and Henderson

Home Staging Luxury Level Results

What do you think immediately communicates ‘luxury level’ to a buyer?

If you want to achieve “home staging luxury level results”, a property should immediately wow you and take your breath away. Many people do not know how to style their own homes and may not wish to work with a decorator, so when the house is fully designed and they can move right away, they love it.

Luxury linens on beds, sophisticated art on the walls and carefully selected decor all play a part in a “home staging luxury level result”.  The confident use of unique color palettes will add to the energy of a property.

Adding texture with an interesting mix of materials will give a sophisticated feel.  It is important to strike the perfect balance between comfort and elegance so people can walk in and feel like it’s home. It needs to be comfortable but have a certain weight and impressiveness to it.

What would luxury home sellers be surprised to learn about staging?

  • It would surprise many people to know how much work is done in preparation even before we set up at the property.   
  • Sellers can forget that we’re not there to decorate to their tastes.  Our goal is to decorate to the widest audience of Buyer’s tastes.
  • Luxury home sellers would be amazed at how many houses are bought and sold based on them being “toothbrush ready.” Especially in the luxury home market, a buyer might be purchasing a property as a secondary home. They appreciate a turnkey ready property and not having to locally source or purchase furniture and decor to begin enjoying the home.  

What do you wish every luxury real estate agent or home seller knew?

Staging helps to protect an agent’s commissions and lowers the out-of-pocket expenses of continuous marketing of a property that isn’t going to sell as fast as less expensive homes.   I want sellers to appreciate that they are not spending money; rather, they are investing money to have the home staged so they can get the quickest sale and even more profit.

Sellers also need to understand that the investment of staging their home is far less than any price reductions or carrying costs they incur while it sits on the market. This is especially true for vacant properties that can give the impression that the sellers are desperate or that they would be open to accept any offer just to sell and move on.

The difference staging can make is unquestionable. Especially in the luxury market, where there are fewer buyers. If you stage and properly market a property you can achieve a quicker sale, the payoff is huge, in both emotional energy and profits.

Staging defines spaces, adds value & provides an emotional connection to all that tour the property.  At Staged To Sell, our designs are targeted to appeal to the widest audience of buyers.  Each room should provide an opportunity to touch the buyer emotionally, letting them know that this is the perfect house for them to choose as their own.  

Our clients have every advantage in getting their homes sold faster and for even more profit.  This provides our clients with thousands of dollars more in their pocket while benefiting from this popular marketing strategy that should be a standard in the real estate market. 

Regardless of the price point of the home, home staging is a superior advantage that all sellers would choose if they understood the results that it would provide them. It also has a major impact with appraisers giving higher values as well as Buyers willing to make even stronger offers.   

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