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Home Staging – 5 Powerful Reasons To Stage

Staging creates additional perceived value.

Perception is reality and one of the biggest values with home staging is that buyers perceive the value of the property as higher.  By showcasing the features and benefits of each space through thoughtful placement of furniture, art, and accessories, we control how the buyer sees and “feels” the home.

Their focus is drawn away from negative features, dated finishes or awkward spaces that are otherwise very noticeable in a vacant property.

Properties that are staged need fewer upgrades.

We often hear our investors tell us that they decided they didn’t need to rip out old tile, remodel a dated bathroom or upgrade features in the kitchen due to the power of staging.  Depending on the price point of the property, staging can create such a dramatic visual change, buyers will either not notice or not care about costly updates.

Home staging will detract from any negatives and accentuate the positives.  This can save thousands on the overall budget to prepare a property for the market.

Home Staging reduces time on market.

Even in a strong market, where properties sell quickly, home staging reduces the amount of time on market, statistically as much as 92%. 

This is important, not only because of the carrying costs of a property but also because one of the first questions many buyers ask when they are interested in making an offer, is, “How long has this house been on the market?”  This is their way of determining what the market has to say about the value of a property.  The fewer the days on the market, the higher they may be willing to offer.

Home Staging increases profits.

Home Staging causes a property to stand out for all the right reasons and looks it’s best.  Properties that are staged attract buyers who are willing and able to pay more for a home that makes them decide this is the home they want to make their own.  

Realtors love to show and sell staged properties!

We love to hear Realtors tell us that they recognize our home staging designs on the MLS.  They appreciate our model home approach and cohesive, on trend designs and want to show our staged properties because they know their buyers will love them and write offers.  

Staging defines spaces, adds value & provides an emotional connection to all that tour the property.  At Staged To Sell, our designs are targeted to appeal to the widest audience of buyers.  Each room should provide an opportunity to touch the buyer emotionally, letting them know that this is the perfect house for them to choose as their own.  

Our clients have every advantage in getting their homes sold faster and for even more profit.  This provides our clients with thousands of dollars more in their pocket while benefiting from this popular marketing strategy that should be a standard in the real estate market. 

Regardless of the price point of the home, home staging is a superior advantage that all sellers would choose if they understood the results that it would provide them. It also has a major impact with appraisers giving higher values as well as Buyers willing to make even stronger offers.   

If you are looking for a Las Vegas Home Staging company to provide you with even more successful results, then contact us to know more about the caliber of home staging we offer. 

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