The basics of a property – walls, flooring, countertops, appliances, plumbing & lighting fixtures, all set the stage for the best first impression. Let us make recommendations for potential repairs and improvements that will help you maximize your profit.


When it’s time to sell your property, you want it to sell faster and for the most profit. Professional Home Staging and Interior Marketing helps a property stand out and often times sell within hours or days.


Home owners who have not already selected a real estate professional may choose from our Preferred Agents to list and market their home with staging, professional photography, video & drone marketing and more.

Staging Benefits

We believe that making a great first impression with potential home buyers is critical to selling your home. Professional Home Staging can essentially erase the negatives in a home, distract prospective buyers from any imperfections and highlight only the best features in a home. It will emphasize the space, functionality and features of a house so that prospective buyers can envision themselves living in and enjoying it. Staging adds to your home by making your home feel larger, brighter, cleaner, more cared for, etc.

Home builders invest huge marketing dollars into designing and staging their model homes because they know the impact it makes with everyone that tours their properties. For this reason we also give attention to every inch of a home and stage it to look and feel just like a model home.

We stage our homes using a palette designed to appeal to the broadest audience and range of buyers. Our design team pulls together furniture, accessories, rugs, art and lighting to transform vacant houses into homes that prospective buyers can make an emotional connection with and want to choose as their own.

Does it Work?

RESA studied 174 homes previously on the market on average 156 days before the homeowners gave up trying to sell on their own and called in a professional home stager. Those same homes were staged, re-listed and sold in an average of 42 days after staging. This is 73% less time on the market.

At Staged To Sell we have had even stronger results.  One of our favorite projects was on the market for 144 Days with a local Listing Agent before the owner finally agreed to try something other than additional price reductions.  They had been unsuccessfully on the market with little interest and only very low ball offers.  I met with them and made recommendations to improve the property and stage it. They took it off the market, allowed me to make those changes and fully stage it and it was put back on the market with a $20,000 higher list price. In less than a few hours the first buyer that visited the home fell in love and made a very strong cash offer and they were in contract with a quick close.

We have many stories with similar results.  It is most effective to represent your property in it’s best light using professional home staging before you list it but there is hope for those that didn’t initially understand the power of home staging and find us later.  We can help you make changes and reach your goal too.

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Astonished with the outcome!

I am astonished with the outcome of working with Leah!  I knew that her recommendations were powerful but once all of the changes were made and all of the colors, finishes and items came together it was even more than I could have hoped for. She was able to point out things that I really didn’t even notice initially but now know how to “see things” even better for my next client. My client was so thrilled that we raised the list price and can’t wait to get into escrow with this beautiful home.

Kayla M
Home Staging Henderson

The staging made the difference!

We just received an offer and I must say, the staging made the difference!

Lee R
Home Staging Las Vegas

Worked quickly and efficiently with amazing results

Worked quickly and efficiently with amazing results, great team. Staged To Sell turned the house into a stylish home with offers within days of being listed.

Simone S
Home Staging Las Vegas

I highly recommend Staged to Sell

I highly recommend Leah Soares from Staged to Sell. She is a consummate professional who knows how to stage a home to sell in the highly competitive Las Vegas market. She is fast, efficient and trustworthy. If you have a home to sell, and want top dollar, I can unequivocally say your 'go to gal' is Leah.

Pamela F.
Home Staging Las Vegas

Sold for over asking price!

Staged To Sell was wonderful to work with.  Not only did Leah and her Team do a great job staging our house, but she gave us advice on what she believed would make our house sell the quickest, by making it completely move in ready.  We had two offers in the first day and sold for over asking price on our house!

Sarah M.
Home Staging Henderson

The FIRST buyer who looked at our home – bought it!

You gotta choose LEAH with Staged To Sell! First - she is seasoned. She knows how to use her staging portion of business to get the MOST for your home. TRUST me...staging DOES make a difference! (have you ever been in a model home  and said "i want mine to look just like this!). The FIRST buyer who looked at our home - bought it! We moved our furniture out and she gave the house a complete make-over - including flowers in our empty planters! This is THE Home Staging Professional you want to have on your side.

Liz H
Home Staging Las Vegas

Staged exactly how we should have personally enjoyed our home

We listed our home at a very aggressive price and had high hopes of getting close to that price in a quick amount of time.  Within a week our home was completely staged and made available to the public.   When I first saw the finished product, the first thing I thought was “this is how we should have had it designed for us while we lived here for the last several years!”  It was exactly how we should have personally enjoyed our home.  The home sold in less than 2 weeks and for $25,000 more than what the other homes in our community sold for.

Dennis G.
Home Staging Las Vegas

We were thrilled with how quickly our home sold

We were thrilled with how quickly our home sold and that we received more profit than we had anticipated. Three days after we hired Leah to help us sell and we had a full price Cash Buyer. The professional pictures that she had done of our home made us fall in love with the home all over again. The quality was amazing and most certainly was a key reason the out of state buyer purchased our home. I cannot recommend Leah and her team enough.

Teresa E.
Home Staging Las Vegas

In less than one week our property was improved…

Our home had been listed for over 5 months with zero offers prior to hiring Staged to Sell.   In less than one week our property was improved with the changes that were suggested and the entire home was staged inside and out.  The very next day, Realty Investments of Nevada did an Open House and visitors that viewed our home that day made a Cash offer very close to our asking price the following Monday.  My husband and I were very pleased with the results of the home staging and the professional services from everyone on the Staged to Sell and Realty Investments of Nevada Teams.

Home Staging Las Vegas

I was literally speechless

When I saw my home after Leah and her Team staged it, I was literally speechless.  We had our home listed for many, many months before we hired Leah and her Team to stage it.  We had never received even one offer.  Within days of the staging being complete and being re-listed on the market, we had a full price Cash offer and were closed in less than 30 days. The entire process was so easy!

Erin K
Home Staging Las Vegas