Neutral Paint Colors Home Staging

Neutralize Me!

When preparing to sell your home it pays to neutralize the wall colors so it will appeal to the widest audience of buyers as possible. You may be in love with royal blue walls, but most buyers looking at your house will only see money and time to change to their preferred color. It is best to remove any potential objections buyers may have and say goodbye to that bold blue, passion pink, or firecracker red walls and say hello to appealing neutral tones.

Neutral tones do not need to mean boring builder beige. There is a great selection of neutral colors that work well when selling a home and will provide a beautiful backdrop to your furniture and decor.

Blue – Soft blue grey tones work fantastic when paired with chocolate tones. They provide a beautiful contrast with dark hardwood floors, natural stone tiled floors, dark brown furniture and dark accessories.

Green – A soft sage green room can make the space feel cool and relaxing. It looks great with both light and dark colored flooring and has a very natural, organic feel. If you like nature, bring it indoors by adding tones of brown, white, and different shades of green in your furniture and accessories.

Yellow – Yellow is a great color, but use with caution. On walls, it must be a very soft buttery yellow to fall into the neutral category. Yellow that is too bright will quickly turn off buyers.   Yellow paint should also be avoided completely if there are any gold, dated finishes in the home such as golden oak flooring or cabinetry.  Rather tone those dated finishes down with grey tones.

Grey – Soft grey is a dynamic neutral. It works well with any color décor and pairing with black and white or bold colored accents can be very dramatic.  Greige is the most popular wall color among builders, designers and home stagers because it works best in all properties with all types of finishes and styles.

By neutralizing the walls you create a great backdrop that supports any taste or style buyers may have. Remember buyers just want to move in. Most do not want expensive or time consuming projects that must be done to make the house feel like their home before they move in. If a property has too many issues that a buyer will need to address, they will move on to the next house or make very low offers.

At Staged to Sell, we want our clients and Home Selling Partners to have every advantage in getting their homes sold fast and for the most profit. One way we contribute to the success of our clients is to offer them Full Home Staging packages. Rather than just placing a few furniture pieces in the main living areas, we literally stage every inch of a property to rival any model home. Click here to see before and after pictures of some of our projects showing the impact we have made for our clients.