Home Staging Mistakes

8 Home Staging Mistakes

Many mistakes are made by inexperience and lack of vision in preparing a home for market. There are several common home staging mistakes that can be avoided and help your house sell faster and for more profit.

1. Forgetting that the very first impression when visiting a home is made at the curb. If buyers see costly repairs and a home in need of tlc, it can cause them to be concerned about what’s on the inside that they may not be able to see. Make sure your home is clean and clear and well kept from the curb to the front door. This means power washing the home, driveway, curb and windows. Removing weeds, adding color with shrubs, plants and flowers and having a well manicured yard is a must. Toys and other items need to be out of view.

2. Not making necessary repairs or updates when preparing the home for sale. All repairs and improvements should be done prior to putting the home on the market. Waiting until prospective buyers mention a home is dated or needs repairs will cost you time and money with lengthy days on the market, unnecessary price reductions or low ball offers. Completing the necessary changes and staging before you put your home on the market will make the property stand out for all the right reasons and cause a buyer to ask, “Where do I sign?”

3. Over decorating. It is best to avoid overwhelming the buyer. Too many distractions will cause a room to feel smaller and not allow the buyer to focus on what matters. Collections on the walls, family photos, awards, degrees, toys, small trinkets, and too many room accessories can make a room feel cluttered and distract the buyer from focusing on the size of the room and the architectural elements. Clean and clear is important in achieving the proper balance in home staging.

4. Being too trendy. When preparing to market a home for sale it is not the correct time to give into too many trends with furniture, decor or paint colors. With too many different colors on the walls or too bold of choices, it will be hard for buyers to see past all of the painting that they will need to do if they don’t like the colors.

5. Room layout fails to show the room’s possibilities. Find the best room layout that makes the most of a room and makes it feel larger or easier to move around.. Arrange the room so that there are seating areas that make the room feel as if people can have a conversation with one another and be comfortable. For example, select the rooms’ focal point and arrange furniture around it. Keep furniture off the wall in living spaces and don’t block any natural walk patterns.

6. Arranging furniture and rugs in odd angles. Now is not the time to try and be creative or too crazy. Placing furniture or rugs in odd angles will make the room feel lopsided or unbalanced. The natural traffic flow of the room should be utilized. There should not be any furniture that blocks doorways or walk patterns. The room and traffic flow should be inviting and feel natural to the layout of the furniture.

7.  Not staging small spaces.  Some people believe that leaving a small room vacant will make it feel larger.  This is inaccurate.   Using too many pieces is as damaging as using too few pieces.  The purpose is to show the room’s full value not allowing the feeling that a space won’t fit the furniture needed.  When a space is staged using the correct furniture in the proper scale and size it actually makes the room feel larger.

8.  Not staging the entire property.   There is a thought in the real estate industry that it is necessary to only stage the “key rooms”.   Ignoring some of the spaces or rooms actually devalues the home.  Successful builders bring attention to every inch of a property both inside and out.  Showcasing the full value of the home will bring the most success.

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